Allotments have been in existence for hundreds of years, with evidence pointing back to Anglo-Saxon times. But the system we recognise today has its roots in the Nineteenth Century, when land was made available for the provision of food growing in the fast growing towns and cities. For more information on the history of allotments visit the National Allotment Society web site.

The Knutsford Allotment Society is an independent body which manages Knutsford’s allotments on behalf of Knutsford Town Council and Tatton Estates.

Allotments can be an important part of the community. They bring people together, they provide important green spaces for wildlife. They can be used to support education of adults and children about how things grow. There can be links to schools. Some allotment sites provide allotments that are accessible to people with disabilities. Knutsford doesn’t yet have that facility, but Knutsford Town Council and the Allotment Society are hoping to create some accessible allotments.

The allotment holders can take surplus produce to The Welcome Café Foodbank, which is much appreciated.

I have had my allotment for a year now and after a lot of hard work clearing, preparing and finally planting and harvesting, I can look back and be proud of my efforts. It’s been a lifesaver in many ways this year and it is certainly my happy place. I’ve met so many nice people who are happy to share ideas. There will be successes and failures (and weeds!) but nothing beats the feeling when you are about to eat something you’ve grown yourself knowing that in the process you have cared for the environment.  – Christine, Warren Avenue Allotments

Reasons for wanting an allotment

There are a range of reasons that people want an allotment, which include some or all of the following

Grow your own

Do you have a desire to grow your own food and in a way that you know is safe? Nothing tastes as good as something you have grown yourself.

Live the crop cycle

Be able to be a part of the crops cycle from planting the seed to nurturing the crop and to the best part enjoying the crop.

Discover Horticulture

Learn more about plants, food growing and nature

Be with Nature

Connect with and support nature

Fresh Air

exercise in the fresh air


Have a place to go where you can mindfully enjoy working the soil

Growing your own fruit and vegetable may well not be cheaper than buying mass produced produce in supermarkets, however it is much more satisfying, they taste better and they will probably be better for you.

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